Words of Praise...

The Dorn treatment I've recently had has really worked wonders for my comfort and mobility.... What I also find very interesting is that since the therapy I haven't had a single headache....

P King,
Shipston on Stour

Our Spinal Column

The spinal column is the central support structure of the body and a protective sheath for the spinal cord which regulates and orders the functions of the organs, tissues and each and every cell in the body.

This page describes current Dorn theory. It states that not just back problems, but all manner of pain and functional disturbances can be traced back to the irritation of the nerves which radiate out from the spinal column. Indeed, orthodox medicine stidues have shown that nerves can be irritated by the displacement, misalignment or blockage of one or more vertebrae. Sciatica is a good case.

The spinal column is made up of different moveable vertebrae, which are cushioned against each other by discs. It supports our head, shoulders and arms. Through the sacrum the spinal column is connected to the pelvis, which in turn rests on the legs by means of the hip joints. Ideally the skeleton should be symmetrical, harmonic and in a static-dynamic alignment equilibrium.

Misaligned vertebrae and joints lead to abnormal, misbalanced tensioning of muscles. The spinal nerves and the nerves of the vegetative nervous system may become blocked and over time, the organs served by these nerves may develop problems. Stress, physical, mental or spiritual, seems to play an important role in this situation and certainly can make us tenser as a result.

By realigning the vertebrae and joints, the muscles and nerves are relieved of the tension and the benefits usually can be felt at all levels. The Dorn Method bases its treatment on the correction of uneven leg length.

Unequal leg length leads to an inclined or twisted hip, which in turn makes it impossible for the spinal column to stay completely straight and aligned. Because its foundation is no longer strong and in correct order, all other factors like stress, wrong movements, unhealthy life style, unequal and unbalanced use of our body in sport, work, sleeping, environmental factors and so on, add to the negative factors. Back pain can be caused by many things in life, and you can read up a litte more about that here under the section What are the causes of Back Pain.

The pelvis should be horizontal for a straight spinal column. An oblique pelvic position will in the long or short term lead to an asymmetrical, crooked or displaced spinal column. This is a widespread condition suffered by many people today.

Spinal Column Imbalance

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