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Back pain is extremely common, affecting some four out of five adults at some point in their lives.

How does the Dorn Method actually Work?

Dorn Method Example Correction of lower spinal column There is no magic about The Dorn Method, it's really all based on physics, fact and common sense, and a little help from the client who assists the Dorn therapist.

The Dorn Method aims to correct structural imbalances in the body, focusing on the realignment of joints and vertebrae using gentle and safe to apply techniques any Complementary Therapist, Nurse, Doctor or other healthcare professional can learn. Correcting misaligned joints can sometimes prove difficult, and a forceful manual correction might cause more damage than good. To correct joints which are being held by the inertia of our muscles we need to undertake corrections using dynamic moving actions, employing the use of muscle distraction which is a key element to the success of Dorn Method.

During Dorn Method therapy, the client actively moves the joint while the therapist gently pushes or guides it back into its proper position using only the thumb or hand. At work are logical mechanical principles of counter pressure and levering forces in combination with the active participation of the client who provides muscle mobilisation, and this form of correction is usually readily accepted by our body.

During movement the muscles are in a distracted state and it is reasonably easy to realign the joints without having to overcome much muscle “resistance”. Step by step, the joint is guided back into its proper natural position. This form of manual therapy is completely safe because it requires only light pressure, and the correction pressure is halted as soon as any pain arises, and no thrust moves or heavy pressure is used at all.


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