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“I could treat soft tissue but was frustrated that I couldn't treat spinal/joint problems; Dorn will really complement what I do already.”

L Quiney,
Sports & Remedial Massage

This article was published in Choice Health Magazine June/July 2010 issue

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How The Dorn Method can help grow your business

If you're a Complementary Therapist working in a field like reflexology, massage therapy or Indian head massage, one of the things I'm sure you've found is many people will come to you suffering some sort of back or joint condition which is causing them grief. Of course, the standard response is usually to tell them to see their GP, and for those with severe underlying medical problems this is probably the best advice; however, the overwhelming majority of sufferers can be treated successfully by complementary therapists who have added back pain treatment to their skill set. The business case for this makes good sense. Back pain is extremely common, affecting some four out of five adults at some point in their lives, and in fact is probably the greatest cause of time missed away from work. Back pain can affect people of all ages and be very painful and debilitating. Therefore, as a complementary therapist, adding back and joint pain relief to your toolkit can only help to provide the foundation for your business to grow substantially. For me, being able to successfully treat back and joint pain has brought repeat business and many new clients through word of mouth recommendation, something I found harder to achieve with my other complementary therapies.

I think perhaps what puts many complementary therapists off is thinking that in order to treat back pain the requirement is to spend years in academia training to the level of osteopathy or similar, not to mention the associated financial costs. There is also the fear factor involved, which is the worry about doing damage when working with vertebrae and joints. However, none of this need be the case. As in many areas of life, the fact that it doesn't have to be complicated to be successful also holds true for back pain therapy. Whilst there is absolutely a place for high-level training as mentioned above, it is also seen that the majority of back and joint problems can be safely and successfully dealt with using simpler techniques.

My chosen route was to learn The Dorn Method which I not only practise but also teach. The Dorn Method sprung into existence in Germany over 36 years ago and can now be found being taught throughout the world. I believe the reason for its success lies not only in its remarkable proven effectiveness in treating back and joint pain, but also its short learning curve which makes it suitable for almost anyone to master very quickly and at minimal cost.

The Dorn Method at work The Dorn Method is also very safe, the treatment involving no 'clicking' or 'crunching' of joints, but instead using gentle techniques where the client takes an active part to help joints slip more easily into place without any harsh or severe corrections. The Dorn Method can also help with many other common health problems too such as headaches, migraines and sciatica, along with psychological problems such as eating disorders, and it doesn't take much to see where the treatment of these can also deliver further benefits to your reputation and business.

Of course, as well as the business case for learning The Dorn Method, there is also nothing quite like the feeling of being able to help free someone from their pain and discomfort, which in itself generates a lot of joy and personal satisfaction. To find out more, visit www.dornmethod.co.uk where you'll find information about The Dorn Method and how to go about adding it to your toolbox of skills.

Written by Brigitte Nath, The UK Dorn Method Centre