Student Comments...

“I really enjoyed the course, so practical and logical and easy to facilitate, you can’t help but wonder why you haven’t always done it this way. I have immediately put the Dorn method to work in my practice with great results.”

M Hall
Complementary Therapist

Student Comments...

“After the initial 2 day course and easy to learn techniques my clients have certainly been amazed how effective the Dorn Method is. I love using Dorn as the results speak for themselves where nothing else has managed to cure my clients pains. I was looking forward to the advanced workshop and wasn't disappointed. A brilliant day to reassess, ask questions, share stories and learn new techniques. Brigitte has so much knowledge and experience and her love for Dorn shows. I highly recommend it to everyone.”


Student Comments...

"Thank you for a great workshop & great teaching method. After completing workshop I went home & treated my mum for scatica after just 1 treatment of dorn she was pain free having tried so many holistic therapies, GP/hospital visits this was the only thing that helped i am so glad i came on the course. looking forward to advance workshop :)"

Mohammed P

Student Comments...

"I would like to thank Brigitte for a Wonderful weekend. Learning the Dorn Method was a Fantastic experience, as a client I found the treatment very effective and liked how powerful it was for something so gentle. As a Therapist I am really excited about Introducing the Dorn Method to my clients as i'm sure it will be life changing for so many of them. The simple self-help techniques complete the Dorn package perfectly to ensure that the effects of the treatment will be long term. I went on the workshop after my Friend had highly recommended it and i'm really glad I did!"

S. Goddard

Places are limited so please do book early

The Dorn Method is an extremely valuable skill for all Complementary therapists. It is a gentle manual therapy designed to help alleviate the causes of common Back and Joint pain, developed in Germany over 45 years ago by the late Dieter Dorn.

Click here to discover why learning the Dorn Method could be for you.

Therapy for people with Back Pain is in demand, and because Dorn is very easy to learn without long or expensive courses it is the ideal skill for all Complementary Therapists and Healthcare Professionals.

Dorn Method Workshops Information...

The Dorn Method must be one of the lowest cost Back and Joint pain therapies you will find to study, with only a short weekend course required for all the essential skills. Additionally a weekend Dorn Method course is one of the best ways for Therapists to gain CPD points. If you'd like to consider learning this very valuable skill, please follow this link to read more about Dorn Method Workshops.


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Latest News...

FHT Excellence Awards - Highly Commended Tutor of the Year Award!

I am so proud to announce that I was nominated for the Federation of Holistic Therapists 2015 Excellence Awards and won the Highly Commended Tutor of the Year more >

Dorn Haus arrives in Stratford upon Avon!

The Dorn Haus Complementary Therapy Centre is my new therapy centre dedicated to offering Dorn Method Back care and popular complementary therapies to clients at Stratford upon Avon where I work. Located at the Stratford upon Avon Garden Centre, Dorn more >

Dorn Kongress 2013

The German Dorn Kongress is always a very exciting event. It was held in the Bavarian town of Memmingen not very far from the home town of Dieter Dorn. The event was open for Dorn Therapists as well more >

Fabulous New London Workshop Venue!

I've just held my first workshop at the London The College of Psychic Studies which is a great venue for my Dorn Method Workshops as it's ideally placed for those wishing to learn Dorn in more >

50th Workshop which was held in London!

I've just got back from a wonderful 50th workshop held in the lovely Covent Garden in London this weekend, and what a really nice bunch of students I had more >

Congratulations to the 300th Dorn Student!

A nice surprise and congratulations were in order when Carl discovered he was the 300th student to have attended one of my Dorn Method more >

Travelling the world to learn Dorn!

It's great to see the popularity of Dorn spreading all over the place! In the spring workshop held back in April I had people literally travelling in from all over the world - truly amazing! We had a student travel all the way from New York, then another student from more >

Second Advanced Dorn Workshop in the UK

Thomas Zudrell, a well known and seasoned top Dorn Method trainer who teaches all over the world came over to the UK to deliver the second UK Advanced Dorn Method workshop. Just like the more >

Magazine Articles now online

I've been busy trying to spread the word about Dorn and have written a few articles which were published in various magazines. I've also got copies of them at this website for you to read here.

Read more Dorn Method Lates News stories here...


Developed in Germany nearly 40 years ago, The Dorn Method is growing in popularity all over the UK and around the world!

Back Pain The Dorn Method consists of safe and gentle techniques developed in Germany and used for nearly 40 years. It is growing in popularity and can now be found in many countries of the world including the USA, Hong Kong, Philippines, Australia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Africa, the Middle East and others. In the UK today Therapists are springing up in all areas offering Dorn as a Complementary Therapy working aside orthodox medicine.

I have been practising Dorn in the UK since 2004 and have helped many people from all over the country and beyond, achieving wonderful results which my clients will happily testify to. Indeed I have received many emails from Therapists I have trained and also from my clients praising the effectiveness of The Dorn Method. To discover more, please click here to read about the Dorn Method

How does the Dorn Method work?

How Dorn Method Works The aim of Dorn Method therapy is similar to Osteopathy and Chiropractic, i.e. to help people who suffer from Back and Joint Pain. Dorn is a gentle and very safe manual therapy developed to correct misalignments of the Spinal Column and other joints, which so often are the cause of pain and grief.

Rather than remaining passive, Clients work together with the Dorn Therapist at all times using dynamic techniques designed to help vertebrae and joints slip more easily back into their natural positions without using any heavy force or thrust moves. You can learn more about the basic principles of this fascinating and wonderful therapy by following this link: how the Dorn Method works.

Dorn Insurance for Therapists

A question I often get asked by Therapists is: where can I get insurance to cover me when treating Dorn?

I'm really pleased to say that more and more companies are now offering Insurance for The Dorn Method in the UK, including the FHT. To help you, I've added a list of companies I've found on my links page.

FHT Awards 2015

Words of Praise...

“After 18 months of pain hell, my daughter introduced me to Brigitte and the Dorn Method and I’ve never looked back since that day...I would recommend the Dorn Method to everyone.”

K P, Swindon.