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I slipped a disc at Christmas last year and had been in discomfort for 5 months as the disc had trapped a nerve in my back... After my first (Dorn) treatment I felt the feeling start to come back to my foot almost straight away.I think the treatment is fantastic and have recommended it to everyone I know.

Emma R,

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Words of Praise and Feedback

These are just some of the many words of praise and feedback I have received from people after their Dorn treatment or who've been on one of my Workshops.


Over twenty years ago I hurt my back in an accident at work, which was diagnosed as slipped discs. I had an operation to rectify this, which went well, but as time went by I started to have permanent lower backache, I was told that nothing could be done, other than take painkillers. I used to wake up with my back very stiff and could not get out of bed without being in considerable pain and sometimes could not put my own socks on for ages in the morning. Also as time went by it got to the point that when I sneezed it was extremely painful and my back would lock up in spasms. Sometimes I would end up on my knees on the floor with a sharp pain cutting through my back.
Then whilst at work not so long ago I hurt my back again this time it was my sacrum. I was told about a local therapist who did The Dorn Method and should go to see her.
I had one treatment and my back pain eased, the second treatment and it felt easier to move, the third treatment and the pain has gone it is incredible. For the first time in twenty years I was pain free, something I thought would never happen only would get worse.
I was so impressed by this I decided to study this amazing therapy myself. I looked up Instructor Brigitte Nath who welcomed me onto her course at Stratford upon Avon and I soon found that I was hooked, not only was Brigitte extremely knowledgeable, she made everyone feel welcome, relaxed and it was good fun too. I am now a Dorn Method Therapist in my own right, something of which I am very proud of, and have made a career change too. I can’t thank Brigitte enough for the support and kindness she has shown me and would recommend anyone to attend one of her courses.

Paul Knowles, Nottingham


Thank you so much for last weekend. As a therapist I totally embrace the less is more philo. I have already put into practice everything Thomas taught with 2 clients on Monday. Thank you, all 3 of you, for working so hard to promote this wonderful method in the UK. I feel blessed to have found you.

J.J., Leamington Spa


The weekend was fantastic, many thanks to both you and Thomas. I enjoyed it so much and am even more enthusiastic about Dorn than before.

Karen L, Stoke on Trent


I wanted to say thanks for such a great workshop, it was really quite amazing to see how simply the skeletal structure can be realigned and the ease with which they go back into their correct positions. I haven't felt so upright and tall for some time and the aches through my upper thoracic area had completely gone by the end of the weekend. The instructions were easy to follow and you delivered them in a caring and professional way. It is certainly a modality that I can see being extremely useful and bring new dynamics to my massage work as so much of the soft tissue tensions I see are related to a misaligned spine or sacrum. Thank you for a great weekend.

Carina, Exeter


I have suffered with a bad back since I was 17 years old and I am now 34. I have tried many treatments over the years but without any long term relief. I slipped a disc at Christmas of last year and had been in discomfort for 5 months as the disc had trapped a nerve in my back; it was giving me a numb lower right leg and foot. After my first treatment I felt the feeling start to come back to my foot almost straight away. I continued to do the exercises daily and I have no pain; the strength is coming back in to my leg and foot after only 2 treatments! I think the treatment is fantastic and have recommended to everyone I know. Thank you for your help.

Emma R, Coventry


"I have suffered from severe lower back pain for several years so when a friend told me about the Dorn Method and Brigitte. I thought I may as well give it a try. Brigitte immediately put me at my ease and explained clearly the treatment of the Dorn Method. The exercises are so easy and so effective and the treatment is finished off with a wonderful massage which has been known to send me to sleep on the treatment table! Since first meeting Brigitte my back has felt stronger and I now see Brigitte and her wonderful therapy once a month simply as a treat and preventative measure. I have no hesitation in recommending the Dorn Method and Brigitte is a caring and excellent Therapist."

Sue Stanley, Stratford upon Avon


I felt a lot better after the treatment thanks, I have had a bit of pain over the past couple of days but am doing the exercises everyday and I have also changed my sleeping position as well. My neck has been so much better and I haven't had any headaches since either. I do feel it has really helped and I feel a lot more positive as well.

Lisa, Coventry


Thank you once again for the Hursley workshop. It is the best workshop I have done in years and I have already started to integrate it into my work. I have also done a couple of full treatments but still need some more practice to make it smooth and let it flow. Everything has been well received.

Andy Anderson (Southampton), Workshop Attendee


The Dorn treatment I've recently had from you has really worked wonders for my comfort and mobility, to the extent for example, that I was able to spend about 4 hours yesterday walking around the new woodland walk at Anne Hathaways and then the countryside walk at Mary Ardens without my back or hip feeling at all stressed, which is completely different from the situation before I came to see you ! What I also find very interesting is that since the therapy I haven't had a single headache, which I would invariably get beforehand from such walking, as well as the fact that doing the pins and needles exercise before going to bed, I'm now able to sleep on my left side with my right arm spread out in front, and not encounter any problem. I'm also very concious of the fact that my "drooping" shoulder seems also to be a thing of the past, so that all in all so far, what you've achieved with Dorn has been a revelation for me, for which I'm extremely grateful, so no need to worry that I'm likely to neglect the exercises. If only I'd found out about Dorn years ago !

P King, Shipston-on-Stour


I have had the most wonderful weekend. The workshop was brilliant and your passion and enthusiasm for the Dorn Method was infectious. I can't wait to get started on some case studies and meet with you again soon.

C.Bates (Fareham), Workshop attendee


The Dorn workshop gave me a new way of looking and treating the Pelvis and spine which was a surprise after 14 years in practice as an Osteopath. Brigitte's teaching is clear and patient and Dorn is easy to learn and remarkably simple and effective. My patients are already enjoying the benefits of Dorn Method.Thanks again Brigitte

Peter Finegan, DO Registered Osteopath


Thank you for a very enjoyable practice day. Just like the main workshop this was a day full of excellent teaching, useful tips and very friendly encouragement. I can’t wait to get started now. For myself, I already feel the benefit of the treatment Patti gave me, I can talk without that niggly cough I used to have, so it’s not just good for back pain. I will send in my case studies as soon as I can get them done.

Daniela Jones (Yately, Hampshire), Practice Day Attendee


I have recently had two treatments from Brigitte, and I am amazed at the results. I have a longstanding chronic back issue that developed in my early 20's when having to constantly lift an infirm relative. It left me with years of extremely painful lower back and hip problems, and in recent years neck problems. The re-allignment treatment and home exercises are really helping me feel stronger, better balanced, and have given me the ability to relieve my own pain. I know that I only need to go back for maintenance treatment, and I have to say that the spinal massage at the end of the second treatment was fantastic, and when Brigitte had finished, I was left wondering how I would ever got off the couch as I was so incredibly relaxed! Brigitte is extremely knowledgeable, and I was immediately comfortable in her company, and am very pleased with the outcome of my Dorn Method treatment.

Fran Flint, Coventry


I recently attended the DORN method wkshop which Brigitte kindly organsised closer to home since it was a little to hard to get to Stratford Upon Avon. What a wonderful class, not only the people & of course our fantastic tutor Brigitte who made me and no doubt all of us feel welcome. I never realised that a technique which is 35yrs old could be so effective using gentle pressure & no force so if you wish to add a new service to your complementary therapies, then this has got to be one of them. I am now doing my case studies & then a one day wkshop! Wait until you do or even are lucky to receive the Breuss massage, it's fabulous!! Thank you Brigitte!

Sunita Johal, Bedfordshire


Having suffered with upper back problems since being a teenager carrying a very heavy satchel for 6 years – and ‘putting up’ with it, it seems like a miracle to me to have had such a ‘gentle’ treatment that has aligned my ‘crooked’ vertebrae after only 2 visits to Brigitte using the Dorn Method. I would recommend the treatment to anyone with a back problem; a gentle, successful – no crunching and clicking – relief.

Tegwen Burford, Stratford upon Avon


I just wanted to say a massive thank you for a fantastic, fun, informative, and truly useful weekend.

I have attended 20 courses since 2003 and can wholeheartedly state that this was the most useful yet. I can’t quite believe how much information you delivered over just two days, remarkable, and having such comprehensive notes and a 'walk-through' DVD to back it all up means none of it can be lost, not to mention all the information-packed links you sent to us all immediately after the course.

I had given up therapies in February due to injuries sustained giving sports massage, but I now feel, (with this new skill) confident enough to start again, and focus on offering the Dorn Method, knowing that I won’t injure myself, and that this gentle yet powerful treatment can help many people – the evidence of which was crystal clear during the two day course as we all experienced positive and instant results while working on each other, similar to the relief gained following chiropractic or osteopathy adjustments. The even bigger bonus is that I can easily self-treat now – marvellous!

On top of all the learning we had a lot of fun and laughter, which is sadly so often missing on courses - you are a wonderful, natural teacher and a pleasure to listen to and learn from.

I wish you great success, because your success becomes everybody’s success if this easy to learn, yet powerful method becomes as popular and accessible as other well-established therapies.

Nikki Z, Milton Keynes


I hurt my lower back as a young mum with 3 children. All the GP would advise was `take paracetamol when required and lay down for 5 days`; as most of you realize with 3 young children, this was just not possible. In May 2004, I hurt my mid-back section at work, again was advised rest, painkillers galore and time, x rays didn’t reveal anything.

After 18 months of pain hell, my daughter introduced me to Brigitte and the Dorn Method; and I’ve never looked back since that day. Together with her help and the exercises she showed me to help myself, I am more mobile and confident. I can drive comfortably, walking has eased, and being able to sit with my family all through a meal is great, I really feel that I have my quality of life back, where I want it plus I can return for a top-up with Brigitte when I need to.

I WOULD RECOMMEND THE DORN METHOD TO EVERYONE THAT IS SUITABLE FOR IT and Brigitte was great, caring, considerate and she actually listened to what I said without judgment, a very big THANKYOU Brigitte, for everything.

Karen Padington, Swindon.


I met Brigitte in 2003 when she came to see me as a customer. As I've had back problems for vaguely 23 years at that specific time she suggested a new method of treatment which was called the DORN Method. I was amazed on how good this treatment works and it's virtually pain free. After only 2 sessions lots of my pain had almost disappeared. Brigitte gave me tips on how to keep me pain free which I tried to keep as much as possible. I can’t be grateful enough for what happened and can’t thank Brigitte enough for what she did. I can only strongly recommend her help to anybody who needs it. That is if you don’t want to take painkillers all your life.

H. Roge-Lane, Stratford upon Avon


I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend on the course and feel that I have found something that really feels right for me. In actual fact I think I have found what I want to do - it can help so many people and that is what I want to do most of all. I am looking forward to more training days with you as you were not only very friendly and easy to get along with but also very knowledgeable and passionate about your subject.

Anna C, Egham


I would welcome anyone who suffers from back, body discomfort or continuous pain to have a treatment using the Dorn Method. I have had a back problem since 1977 from a motor cycle accident. I used other methods of correction to my back over the years but found the Dorn Method so easy to understand and have applied daily excercise to help my condition. I believe we have a duty to take care of our bodies throughout our lives and the Dorn Method is a major part of my life that helps me stay good. It is such a gentle manipulation with leg or arm movement (in my case) that reposition's any misalignment that my back has. My body will let me know if my back is out, by sending a message of pain to me. Once this occurs I will contact Brigtte who will always find time to see me as soon as possible.

Jeremy Riley (Electrician), Warwick


Hi Brigitte, Thanks for a great weekend and the chance to meet such nice like- minded people. Thought I would let you know that I have already given a treatment to two family and friends and am now awaiting their feed-back. Also the last 3 mornings since receiving treatments,for the first time in 3/4 years I have managed to get out of bed normally and not like a crippled old woman! hurrah for Dorn !! I look forward to getting more Dorn experience and meeting up with you soon.

Jill H (Workshop Attendee), Northamptonshire


Hi Brigitte Thank you for all the data you have sent. You were right, it is extensive! I am looking forward to printing it all out! Many thanks again for such a wonderful and informative course. I feel it was a weekend well spent not only for your teachings but also the new friends I have made. I am sure we will all keep in touch. I have had 3 volunteers here at work today who want me to practice my new skills on them, with a possible first patient for a DORN treatment next week. I will let you know how it goes. I wish you great success Brigitte and I look forward to all of us meeting up again soon.

Linda G, (Workshop Attendee), Coventry