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“I could treat soft tissue but was frustrated that I couldn't treat spinal/joint problems; Dorn will really complement what I do already.”

L Quiney,
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Dorn Method Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who benefits from the DORN METHOD?
  2. When is the DORN METHOD not suitable?
  3. What is the main cause in differences in leg length?
  4. Is the DORN METHOD a safe treatment?
  5. Does the DORN METHOD use medication or surgery?
  6. How many sessions are necessary to correct misaligned joints and spinal problems?
  7. Is the DORN METHOD similar to Chiropractic?
  8. How can the DORN METHOD help children and teenagers?
  9. How does the body react to a Dorn Treatment?


Who benefits from the DORN METHOD?

The Dorn Method was developed as a therapy which focuses on the alleviation of common back and joint pain including neck pain, the hip, knees, shoulder, jaw, etc., and correction of leg length difference. Dorn is also used with clients who suffer from Migraines or headaches. The therapy aims to restore balance to the body, moving joints and vertebrae back to their natural correct positions, consequentially Dorn may also have beneficial effects on other related common health problems. Please ask your Dorn therapist for advice but always remember to ask the advice of your GP for any chronic or serious health problems.

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When is the DORN METHOD not suitable?

The Dorn Method is not suitable for the following conditions:

  • Acute inflammation or fever
  • Paralysis
  • Acute migraine attacks
  • Any recent accidents
  • Post surgery of discs
  • Cancer
  • Acute prolapsed disc(s)
  • Ongoing cortisone medication due to possible brittle bones
  • Immobility

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What is the main cause of leg length difference?

Sitting with crossed legs, wrong sitting positions and wrong stretching exercises can cause a subluxation of the hip joint and lead to a difference in leg length. When sitting and crossing legs the femural head (bone of the upper leg) is levered out of its natural position in the hip socket, because in a sitting position the muscles around the hip joint are relaxed and do not stabilize the joint as they would while standing.

The same happens when bending down with straight legs or every time we stretch our hip joint to an angle less than 90 degrees. Long sitting in a car also shows this result. This mechanism happens to everybody, no matter of age, already after one single wrong movement.

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Is the DORN METHOD a safe treatment?

This form of manual therapy can be considered very safe since the adjustments are only done in co-operation with the client during the movement of the joint to be adjusted. Dorn involves no thrust moves or use of heavy force. The therapy never goes past the personal pain limit of the client so injury is basically not possible. There are no reports of any problems in the 40 years history of the Dorn Method.

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Does the DORN METHOD use medication or surgery?

No. Using the Dorn Method only gentle manual adjustments are done with the hands and without any tools or medication or surgery.

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How many sessions are necessary to correct misaligned joints and spinal problems?

There is no set number of treatments and in many cases one treatment can already help. In a few cases up to three treatments are recommended and in long existing conditions several month of therapy might be necessary.

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Is the DORN METHOD similar to Chiropractic?

The Dorn Method is different in many aspects. Although the aims are the same, namely a correction of misalignments and focusing on the relief of back and joint pain, the way this is achieved varies to a great extent. During Dorn therapy all correction is carried out using dynamic motion, with the client co-operating actively with the therapist. As all correction is carried out gently using motion, the client will experience no feelings of 'clicking' or 'crunching'.

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How can the DORN METHOD help children and teenagers?

The Dorn Method can balance leg length differences in children before potentially developing into problems for their hips and ultimately their backs.

Regular check ups in children and adolescents help prevent or treat the negative side effects of heavy schoolbags and long hours in “cool postures” or in front of computers. Easy self help exercises make it more likely for children and teenagers to look after themselves. The Dorn Method is perfect for the prevention of back problems in children and young adults.

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How does the body react to a Dorn Therapy?

The body may show the following reactions usually up to 3 days.

  • Dull muscular pain (like after a heavy gym work out)
  • Light pressure pain on the correction points
  • Muscle tension at the corrected areas
  • Detoxification signs like sweating, flue-like symptoms, changes in toilet habits or even an awakening of hidden and unsolved inner issues

It is advised to avoid any strains on the back or carrying heavy, uneven loads for 3-4 days. This is the period during which the corrected positions are very sensitive to pressure and a dull muscular pain may occur. The system of muscles, ligaments and connective tissues needs this time to adjust to the new position of the joints and vertebrae. A lot of water should be drunk during this period to aid elimination of waste, excess acids, salts and toxins. On repositioning the vertebrae, the discs are also moved with them. In time, slipped discs usually move back into place between the vertebrae on their own. We also refer to this as a Healing Crisis and it should be counted as positive because it shows that the body is starting to adjust.

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