About Brigitte Nath

Picture of Dieter Dorn and Brigitte Certified Advanced Dorn Method Therapist - First UK Dorn Method Instructor trained by Dieter Dorn in Bavaria, Germany

I am a German born Dorn Method Practitioner and Authorised Dorn Method Instructor living and practicing in Stratford upon Avon/UK. I am also a fully qualified complementary therapist in Body Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Indian Head Massage and a member of the FHT and founder member of the DMTA.org.uk (Dorn Method Therapists Association in the UK). So, with 16 years of Dorn experience you are in safe hands

Having suffered from daily headaches since my early teens, the day I came across the Dorn Method in 2004 truly changed my life. It was not only helping me with my headaches, but Dorn has since become my life’s journey and that was over 16 years ago. Since then I have been able to help many, many people leading a more pain free life with less headaches and back pain issues.

Discovering and learning all about the Dorn Method and being taught by Dieter Dorn and other wonderful teachers like Hildegard Steinhauser and Thomas Zudrell has been a true blessing and changed my life’s direction in every way. I have since made it my mission to help people who suffer from back pain, headaches and joint pain using this gentle and unique approach that is The Dorn Method.

In 2009 I opened the UK Dorn Method Training Centre, where therapists from all fields could also learn the Dorn Method and self help exercises to help their clients and since then I’ve trained over 650 therapists from the UK and beyond. I was thrilled to learn I had won the FHT’s (Federation of Holistic Therapists) prestigious ‘Highly Commended Tutor of the Year Award’ in 2015.

My dream came true in 2014 to open Dorn Haus Therapy Centre in Stratford upon Avon, where I was able to treat my clients and also to run my training school from. Sadly, in June 2020 I had to make the very difficult decision to close the doors, like many small businesses had to do due to the current situation. Times are very uncertain and we don't know when we can open up fully again.

My philosophy is simple – I want to help my clients get better quickly and to stay out of pain over the long term. I do this by combining the simple but unique Dorn Method principles and techniques with regular maintenance and teaching of easy to learn self-help exercises - meaning clients can also learn to look after themselves in between sessions. I find most of my clients therefore need very few therapy sessions before feeling much better.

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Contact: brigitte@dornhaus.co.uk
Website: Back-Pain-Therapy.co.uk