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Words of Praise...

“I could treat soft tissue but was frustrated that I couldn't treat spinal/joint problems; Dorn will really complement what I do already.”

L Quiney,
Sports & Remedial Massage

The UK Dorn Method Training Centre -
Promoting & Developing Dorn in the UK

I begain teaching The Dorn Method after learning and applying Dorn on my clients and family over 15 years ago. What inspired me was the fact that as soon as I started using Dorn I saw to my delight immediate positive results with referrals, recommendations and great feedback starting to follow soon after.

It was quickly obvious that so many people could find relief from unnecessary pain and discomfort if they had access to this wonderful therapy. I began receiving calls from distant parts of the UK and even today have clients travel to me from far off towns, cities and even other countries for Dorn therapy, so what was also evident was a need for more Dorn therapists!

Being a native German from Bavaria (i.e. speaking the language) and also being brought up only a few miles from where Dieter Dorn himself lived practiced and taught, it seemed obvious to me to try to develop the Dorn Method in the UK. I have currently trained more then 650 therapists and non-therapists to date, holding regular Dorn Method Workshops in the Stratford upon Avon area.


Highest Quality Dorn Method Training

After I became an Authorised Dorn Method Instructor in Germany (having studied the Dorn Method directly with Dieter Dorn, Hildegard Steinhauser and Thomas Zudrell) I started holding my own regular workshops here in the UK, the first of which was held in 2008. It has always been my intention to set the standard of Dorn Method training which adheres to principles and foundations followed by the Dorn Bewegung organisation.

I would love to see as many Dorn Method therapists in the UK as there are now in Germany, where The Dorn Method was founded.